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Celebrating all things dance in honour of our dancing angel Mili. 

Milibelle is about the love of dance, about celebrating the joy it brings and how incredible our community is. 

Through dance, art and education we encourage and inspire the next generation of dancers while helping to connect and uplift people from all walks of life. 

It began with a single pair of pointe shoes transformed, and has continued to blossom into a 10,000 strong community of people.

We are a company of dancers, dance teachers and dance lovers. We design dance artworks, breathe life into new shoes, hand stick crystals to make beautiful keepsakes and so much more. 

We strive to support our community through donations and fundraising, we give advice to dancers from all walks of life and share as much of our knowledge as we can. 


This is our true love. We will stand with, beside and behind our fellow dancers to do what we can to help them on their journeys into dance. 

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