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Milibelle Dancing Angel

Miliya Belle was a magical little girl. Full of love, kindness and a passion for dance. She also loved animals and walked closely in the footsteps of her idol Bindi Irwin raising money and awareness for animal conservation. Mili was a big part of our dance family for many years. She always had a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye, she sang and skipped through the studio doors each day and brought a little magic to our lives through her energy, stories and funny little mishaps. Mili had a heart of gold, always thinking of others and dancing with such pure happiness it was infectious.


In February 2017 Mili unexpectedly grew her angel wings and flew away to dance among the stars. Her incredible parents asked me to decorate a pair of pointe shoes for her, as she was always desperate for a pair of her very own. They were aqua, her favourite colour and I tried to make them as magical as she was.

There was such a beautiful response to the pointe shoes and after a lot of thought and heartache Milibelle Pointe Shoes was born.

Milibelle is about magic, about sharing the incredible energy and sparkle that our dancing angel brought to the dance floor. Mili had such an immense impact on our dance family and to every life she touched. We want her name to ring out all over the world.

Each pair of Milibelles are custom, no two pairs are the same. The profit made from Milibelle Pointe Shoes goes into making pairs for other little dancing angels as well as donations to dance competitions for prizes.

Magic, just like our little dancing angel.

Milibelle decorated pointe shoes orginal pair

"Milibelle is about magic, about sharing the incredible energy and sparkle that our dancing angel brought to the dance floor."

About Our Creative Director

Sophie Mckie has been involved in the Australian dance community for over 20 years. At 31 she is a dance educator, choreographer, trainer/assessor, examiner, adjudicator, photographer and visual artist. 

After spending time in the United States studying dance, Sophie returned to Australia with a fire for dance education and a passion to inspire the next generation.

Sophie has a deep love for dance and uses her unique creative vision to support, promote and inspire the dance community. She feels it is important to encompass all avenues of performance art in teaching the next generation of dancers to succeed, whatever their dance dreams may be. 

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