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Milibelle Dancer Of the Week


Tara Murray

PHOTO: Fabulous Photos Sydney

At almost 13 years old Tara is an incredible performer with Powerhouse Dance Factory in Sydney, she says “Dancing is like breathing. It just inside me all the time. I love the feeling of stepping out on to the stage as well. I also love how happy it makes me feel. Life is simple when I am dancing.” and we just love that!

Tara has been dancing since she was 2 and a half and excels in many styles including Contemporary, ballet and lyrical. She loves broadway jazz and performing improvisations.

Tara finds inspiration in other dancers and choreographers including Travis Wall and Michael Dameski and she takes every opportunity to learn more by attending workshops with them as well as others including Mia Michaels, Lisa Ellis and Shannon Holz.

In January Tara will compete as a Dancer Of The Year finalist at Nationals and she is excited to be invited to the event.

PHOTO: Fabulous Photos Sydney

It is so evident how much Tara loves to dance and she has made some amazing friends saying. “I have, through dance met the most amazing friends. Some who I know will be friends for life. I look at our pictures of when we were little to now and I love we are growing up together through dance.”

We see a very bright future ahead for you Tara, keep up the incredible work!

For your chance to be our next Milibelle Dancer Of The Week, check out the DOTW blog post on our website

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