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Milibelle Dancer Of The Week


Ariana Melrose

At just 10 years old Ariana has already shown incredible strength in her dance journey. Born with a congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia she was put into dance to help strengthen her body and lungs but quickly fell in love with the magic dance brings to her life.

As a part of the Velocity Performing Arts family Ariana works with one of her favourite choreographers and a beautiful mentor Lauren Bartlett. Lauren has not only provided Ariana with the physical and technical tools she has needed, but also has helped Ariana to believe that she can make it just as far as the most Elite dancers, all she has to do is continue to work hard and her time will come.

Ariana shows her strength every single day. Due to her birth defect she is challenged with many setbacks like core strength and flexibility, but that does not stop her. Ariana puts her whole heart into dance and is leading the way for those dancers who may not be as naturally gifted as others.

Ariana is inspired by Misty Copeland and Olivia Vivian identifying with their strength and perseverance to succeed.

Ariana’s favourite style is contemporary and enjoys performing her favourite piece “I See” that was choreographed by her mentor Lauren Bartlett.

We think Ariana is just magic and we are so inspired by the strength and determination she shows to reach her goals. We see a very bright future for this star!

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