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Milibelle Dancer Of The Week


Summer Coventry

At 13 years old Summer is a versatile dancer with experience in a number of dance styles as well as Cheerleading, Pom and Contortion. Summer is a member of the Kinetic Dance Force and Cheerleading family but has a well rounded dance education taking classes also at The Performance Studio for musical theatre and Parramatta Pom Squad for pom training.

Summer has a deep appreciation for the emotional expression dance gives her. “I love to dance because it gives me freedom. When I’m in a tough situation, I can never seem to piece words together to form a sentence, like speaking has become impossible. In dance you don’t have to use words to get your message across. It also gives me a sense of power and control, because I’m not good at much else. When things in my life are out of control I can dance, and then I’m in control again.”

Summer finds it hard to choose a favourite style but is inspired by dancers like Autumn Miller, Briar Nolet, Jordan Clark and Shelby Bain. She is also grateful for the guidance of Brendan Monger who is the head of The Performance Studio saying “He taught me for several years and always gave great advice and tips on how to make a performance great. He’s also hilarious.”

We think you are just magic Summer and can’t wait to see all the amazing things that are in store for your future!

For your chance to be our next Milibelle Dancer Of The Week, check out the DOTW blog post on our website

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