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Milibelle Dancer Of The Week


Alexis French

aka "moo moo" or "Lexi"

At just 6 years old, Lexi has already been dancing for 4 years with her amazing friends and teachers at SJ Dancers in Sydney, NSW. Lyrical being her favourite style, Lexi loves to express herself through song and really connect to the music.

Miss Ashleigh is an inspiration to Lexi saying “She is such a passionate teacher and has really helped me with my solos and technique.” Miss Ashleigh is also Alexis’s favourite choreographer because she knows how to turn a piece of music into a beautiful story.

We can really see the love Lexi has for dance. “I love to dance because it really shows who I am, some people think dance is just moving but it’s truly more. We learn so much through dance.”

Lexi gets to share her enthusiasm and passion for dance at home with her little sister Harlow who just began her first year of dance and when she is not in the studio Lexi loves to spend time with her family and friends.

Don’t underestimate this little fire cracker, Lexi says “I may be six but I’m fierce and ready to hit the stage any time of the day and day of the week!”

We love your energy and passion Miss Lexi and can’t wait to see what bright things are in store for your future!

For your chance to be our next Milibelle Dancer Of The Week, check out the DOTW blog post on our website

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